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Students are supported to prepare for adulthood through a Preparing for Adulthood Curriculum. For many students the purpose of this curriculum is to develop their abilities that will contribute to increasing independence and self-determination, and in doing so will enhance the learner’s life experience.

Young people with SEND are less likely to take exams that employers recognise, such as GCSEs. They also have higher rates of unemployment than other students. Many young people with SEND benefit from additional career support such as supported internships. To that end we currently run two supported internships in partnership with NEXT distribution in Toftshaw and Bradford Teaching Hospitals Foundation Trust.


Transition to Post-19 placements is something that we start to explore from Year 9. Looking back through individual students Education Health and Care Plans provides a platform that indicates student and family views, opinions and aspirations for the future. This of course informs the individual student’s curriculum content in terms of timetable and relevant accredited courses to be followed. For example if a student expresses an interest in Catering and Hospitality then a complete package is put together which includes  relevant timetabled lessons in the Pathfinder Vocational Centre and the opportunity to take part in a work experience placement in the community. Working with families and carers to produce EHCP targets ensures we are all working towards shared aspirations. EHCP targets are written to mirror the four key outcomes of the preparing for adulthood curriculum: Employment; Health; Independent Living & Community Inclusion. Independent Careers advisors are invited to each review from year 9 and regularly attend. They advise families, carers and students of other post 16 providers suitable for them. These EHCP targets are reviewed with parents/carers and students three times each year including in their annual review.

We also deliver specific transition lessons from year 12 to 14 over a three year rolling programme. We hold a yearly transitions evening where we invite local colleges and other adult service provider into hold information stalls for parents, carers and students.

CEIAG Programme Co-op Academy Southfield (working draft)

Provider Access Policy 2020-21 (working draft)


Our students move on to a variety of destinations from employment through supported internships, to colleges, adult service providers or continuing health care. We collect data on our students destinations each year to inform our transitions curriculum ensuring we prepare our students for adult life in Bradford.

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Oonagh McNee

Assistant Headteacher, Vocational Pathway or 01274 779662