Students can either bring a packed lunch or have a school meal. We encourage all meals to be healthy and nutritious.



Packed lunches must not contain:

  • Nuts and nut products
  • Strawberries and strawberry products

We can’t guarantee that a student will never come into contact with these ingredients, but we’ll take all reasonable steps to do so.

School Meals

  • Cooked on campus
  • Halal
  • Vegetarian
  • Hot food
  • Sandwiches
  • Salads

We work hard with our caterers to cater for all special diets too.

Lunchtimes are arranged to enable students to eat and participate in activity clubs during their break if they wish to. Clubs are chosen by the students and include: disco, karaoke, quiet club and sports clubs.

Where to eat

We currently have four areas available for students to eat their lunch.  Those who need support, or who need a particularly quiet area, dine in our ‘Piazza’ where there are experienced staff who feed and support students through lunch.  We also have the ‘Bridge’, where students use self-service lunch facilities (with support) to eat lunch with their friends and classmates.  An increasing number of students use the ‘Atrium’ area, which is the main eating area for the school.  This is self-service and is supervised by staff.

Some of the students who attend the Pathfinder Vocational Centre prefer to stay at the centre for lunch, where there is a dining hall for students supplied by the campus kitchen.





Meal Deal


How to pay


We are a cashless school and parents and carers can pay for school dinners using our quick and simple online system, Parent Pay. 

Parent Pay enables you to add money to your child’s account either one-off or using a recurring payment option. With it, you can pay for trips and events online too.

Setting up an account is easy – just contact our admin team.

Free School Meals

If you’re eligible your child can have a free, nutritious and healthy meal every day at school. 

It also helps us as we get extra funding called Pupil Premium, so please still apply, even if your child will have a packed lunch. We spend this on resources, activities and much more to help our students succeed.

You can apply for this online:

Meal times

Lunch is between 11.50 and 12.50, with students spending half an hour having their meal and half an hour attending a club or activity.