Attendance & Absence Procedures

The attendance of all students is very important to us.  Children of compulsory school age must, by law, attend school regularly.  There may be occasions when a child has to miss school — for example, if he or she is unwell, otherwise they should be in school for the first lesson at 8.50am.  Our Attendance Policy is available here.

If your child is absent from school please call 01274 779662 before 9am.

Children who attend 100% are 5 times more likely to work at, or above, the expected standard.

Some of our students have health problems, or periods of medical treatment, that interrupt their attendance at school; when this happens we will work with families to keep each student in touch with what is going on in school, so that the impact of the absence is reduced as much as possible.

Any other absences should be kept to an absolute minimum.   Parents / carers do not have the right to take their child(ren) out of school for a holiday.  Any absence of this nature has to be approved by the school in advance.  Any prolonged period of absence without notification from parents will result in a home visit from a member of our care team.


  • Should your child be too ill to attend the academy, please contact us on the first day of absence. Please keep us informed of your child’s progress.
  • If you expect your child to be absent, please send in evidence of medication prescribed by your doctor or hospital.
  • Telephone calls are made to every parent/carer of a student who is absent from the academy each morning. If we cannot make contact, a text message will be sent. A possible follow up home visit may be made.

Please note that medical appointments are still absences.

Medical appointments will affect your child’s attendance percentage if taken during school hours.

Every effort should be made to arrange appointments outside of school hours. We do appreciate that on occasion this will be unavoidable.

Students should attend school before and after their appointment. Most appointments do not justify a full day’s absence from school.



Whilst the academy embraces all faiths and cultures we also recognise the importance of education. Wherever possible we will try and accommodate all religious celebrations within our use of the flexible working day and prayer rooms. However, as with all leave of absence requests, these must be applied for in advance to the Principal. Absence without authorisation on these occasions may result in legal action.

Holiday leave in term time

We close for 70 days of holidays each academic year and we expect all parents/carers to take their family holidays whilst the academy is closed. If you’re wanting to take their child on a leave of absence from the academy, you should inform the Principal in writing, giving at least 10 days notice. The application will be looked at on an individual basis and you will be informed by letter of the outcome. However, it is highly unusual to grant a leave of absence during term time. Any holiday or leave taken without permission from the Principal will be unauthorised and legal action will be sought from the Local Authority.