Coming to school regularly and on time is really important. Please have a look at this attendance information:



Is your student going to be absent from school because they are unwell? Please call the school reception on 01274 779662 to let us know. If a student is absent for three days without any contact with school, staff will do a home visit. 


We know that students sometimes have medical appointments in school time. Please let us know before the appointment if this is the case. If possible, please book routine appointments for earlier in the day or later in the day/after school, so that your student can be in school after the appointment or before the appointment. 


Most students arrive on PTS transport. For those who are brought to school by parents/carers, the pedestrian gate on Haycliffe Lane (opposite the Pathfinder Vocational Centre) is open for students to be dropped off between 8.45 and 9am. The school day ends at 3pm. If you arrive later than 9am, you will need to come in via the main campus reception and wait with your child until a member of staff from their class collects them.

The majority of students should arrive at the normal time through the entrance on Haycliffe Lane. Apart from unexpected delays, students should only be regularly arriving through campus reception when this has been approved by the Pathway Lead alongside the Director of Care and Wellbeing, because it interrupts participation at the start of the school day.  

Home visits

All students who are absent from school for longer than 5 days will be required to have contact with a member of staff and this will need to continue for each week of absence. We may choose to do this by video call or by a home visit but it will be necessary for us to see and speak to the student to ensure their safety but this will also be a very positive opportunity for us to work collaboratively to ascertain how else we may be able to support you.

Extended leave/holiday in term time

Whilst we do not encourage holidays/extended leave for students in term time, if you wish to request this in exceptional circumstances, you must write to Michelle Farr, Head of School, with the request before you travel. She will then decide if the absence will be authorised or unauthorised. 

Holiday or leave taken that isn’t approved could result in a fine from the Council.

Updating your contact details

It’s really important that we have up to date contact details, i.e. emergency contact phone numbers and address for every student. If you’ve moved house, or changed your phone number, please let reception know so that our system can be updated. 

You’ll also have noticed that we send more information by text than by letter now – please make sure we have a mobile number for you, if you have one.