If your child can’t make it into school, please give us a call.

Health problems or periods of medical treatment, can interrupt attendance at school; when this happens we’ll work with you so your child misses as little as possible.


If your child is too ill to attend, please contact us and keep us updated.

  • If you expect your child to be absent, please send in evidence of medication prescribed by your doctor or hospital.
  • If your child is to be off for 3 days or more (or where we have concerns for the child’s attendance) we may require a medical certificate from your GP.
  • Telephone calls are made to every parent/carer of a student who is absent from the academy each morning. If we cannot make contact, a text message will be sent. A possible follow up home visit may be made.

Medical appointments during lesson time are absences. They impact their learning. 

Please try arrange any appointments outside of your child’s learning time. If you can’t get an appointment outside of learning time, our students should still attend before and after the appointment to make sure they’re missing as little as possible.


We love embracing all faiths and cultures, we will try and accommodate all religious celebrations within our use of the flexible working day and prayer rooms. However, as with all leave of absence requests, these must be applied for in advance to the Principal. Absences without authorisation can on occasions result in legal action and fines.

Holiday leave in term time

Holidays during term time aren’t usually permitted. We’d ask that you use the school holidays for trips and events.

You can request for time out to be approved in exceptional circumstances. Please let us know in writing with the reason for the absence.

Holiday or leave taken that isn’t approved could result in a fine from the Council.