Friday 18th December – closure

10th December


Dear parents and carers,


Earlier this week the government announced that schools are being encouraged to convert Friday 18th December to become a training day, so that staff can work from home and the school can close on Thursday 17th December. This is intended to reduce the risk of Covid transmission in school affecting families’ plans for the festive period just a week later – this is seen as being a benefit to both staff’s families and students and their families.


Having discussed this with our Chair of Governors we are of the opinion that there is a good reason to follow this advice, because there is still a high prevalence of the Coronavirus in Bradford amongst school age children, even though the incidence amongst people who have been ‘locked down’ has reduced considerably.


This means that school will now close for Christmas on Thursday 17th December.


I am glad to say that the number of positive cases in school has reduced in line with the downward data trend, but as not all infected people become unwell and show symptoms, there is still a significant amount of disruption happening in school as a result of the cases that do arise, and all of the periods of 14 days self-isolation that we have to impose as a result.


We really hope that nothing happens in school next week, that leads to another ‘self-isolation’ event that could cut across holiday plans, but it may happen, and if so we will have to inform families and staff members to pass on the instructions from Public Health. I will write to you again next week to explain further what we are being told schools must do after the end of term, if we are told that someone who was in school that week has tested positive for Covid.


Yours sincerely,

Dominc Wall