Back to school September 2021

Back to school September 2021

A message from our Headteacher

Dear parents and carers,

Our teachers and classroom staff have had a well-deserved rest and are now all looking forward to welcoming students back for the new school year, and especially to meeting the new pupils in Year 7.

I am delighted to be able to tell you that, in order to be able to welcome all children back to school as safely as possible, we will be hosting Covid vaccinations for all students aged 12 years and over in school as soon as we return in September, please look out for a letter in the post and return the consent letter if you wish your child to get their jab at school.

We have tried to put all the key information that parents need to know in one place in this web page, if you think something is missing please let us know and we will keep updating the page. 

We always value communication with parents and families, so I will be reminding our staff how important it is for you to be able to contact them easily via email, text or phone. Please do keep in touch through the school year, and let us know if you have any problems doing so. 

Best wishes,



Is your student going to be absent from school because they are unwell? Please call the school reception on 01274 779662 to let us know. If a student is absent for three days without any contact with school, staff will do a home visit. 


We know that students sometimes have medical appointments in school time. Please let us know before the appointment if this is the case. If possible, please book routine appointments for earlier in the day or later in the day/after school, so that your student can be in school after the appointment or before the appointment. 


Most students arrive on PTS transport. For those who are brought to school by parents/carers, the  pedestrian gate on Haycliffe Lane (opposite the Pathfinder Vocational Centre) is open for students to be dropped off between 8.45 and 9am. The school day ends at 3pm. If you arrive later than 9am, you will need to come in via the main campus reception and wait with your child until a member of staff from their class collects them.

The majority of students should arrive at the normal time through the entrance on Haycliffe Lane. Apart from unexpected delays, students should only be regularly arriving through campus reception when this has been approved by the Pathway Lead alongside the Director of Care and Wellbeing, because it interrupts participation at the start of the school day.  

Home visits

Students off school long term will be visited by a staff member for a home visit every three weeks. The staff member visiting must meet the student in person so that we can keep a continuous record of each child’s developmental progress.

Extended leave/holiday in term time

Whilst we do not encourage holidays/extended leave for students in term time, if you wish to request this in exceptional circumstances, you must write to Dominic Wall, Headteacher, with the request. He will then decide if the absence will be authorised or unauthorised. 

Updating your contact details

It’s really important that we have up to date contact details, i.e. emergency contact phone numbers and address for every student. If you’ve moved house, or changed your phone number, please let reception know so that our system can be updated. 

You’ll also have noticed that we send more information by text than by letter now – please make sure we have a mobile number for you, if you have one!

We’ll be sending out the details we hold for each student in the first few weeks of term, please do check and return this as soon as possible.


Packed lunches

If your student prefers to bring a packed lunch, we do ask that no fizzy pop, crisps or chocolate are included as we follow the Healthy Schools Initiative. 



After several years of no increase in price, school dinners are going up to £2.45 per day, £12.25 per week.  This should be paid in advance, and can be paid weekly, monthly, termly or yearly. 


As a cashless school, we use the secure online payment system ParentPay for payments for dinners, trips and any other payments. If you need your ParentPay login details, please contact the main reception.

If you are not on Free School Meals but would like to see if you may be eligible, please apply directly via the Council at:   


The school uniform at Co-op Academy Southfield is compulsory for students in Key Stages 3 and 4. Post-16 students are not required to wear the uniform. Uniform is available to purchase from Rawcliffes, 42-44 Darley St, Bradford BD1 3HN. The shop is wheelchair accessible. Please ask for Co-op Academy Southfield uniform. 

Our uniform consists of: a royal blue polo shirt with embroidered school badge, a navy blue v-neck jumper with embroidered school badge, black school trousers or joggers for boys or girls, black school skirt or shalwar kameez in navy blue for girls. Our PE kit consists of a bright green t-shirt embroidered with the school badge and black shorts, which can also be worn as a summer uniform on very hot days. Also available (optional) are fleece jackets embroidered with the school badge.


We have had some feedback that some students struggle to wear the navy blue v-neck jumper, due to its knitted fabric. 

Therefore, we would like to ask you if you would like to see the addition of a v-neck or round neck jumper in sweater fabric to the uniform range?

Also, a few parents have suggested that they would like to buy uniform online. If you would like to have this as an option, which online uniform store have you had good experiences with?

If you’d like to contribute, please fill out this survey.


Many of our students require either regular medication to be taken at school or rescue medication such as Buccal Midazolam, and we also need to hold a supply of that, as prescribed to them. We can only accept medication prescribed and unopened in its original packaging. For the health and safety of all students it is vital that you do not send any medication into school via a student bag or PTS escort. All medication must be brought into school by a responsible adult and signed in at reception. Any medication that has been opened will NOT be accepted. We must also have a signed consent form to give medication. 

If your student has regular medication given in school this must be brought in on the morning on the first day of term, so that we are able to give it on that day. If your student has asthma and requires inhalers, these must also be provided. 

If your child needs to use  an inhaler/epipen in school it is parental responsibility to ensure you send an in date inhaler/epipen to school and keep a log of the expiry date to allow you to order a new one on expiry. 

If your child is fed via a gastrostomy please ensure you send in the feed daily. If it is a continuous feed please ensure there is a label to indicate the date and time the feed was put on. The extension tube must be sent to school in a dry air tight container. 

If you have any questions relating to your student’s health needs or dietary requirements, please contact our Care Team, who can be reached on the school telephone number, extension 133.


Please speak to your child’s class tutor in the first instance. 

We look forward to seeing you next week!