Vision and Values

Values: Our Co-op values inform our behaviours.

Self-help; Self-responsibility; Democracy; Equality; Equity; Solidarity.

Values are demonstrated in the Co-op ways of being:

Do what matters most; be yourself, always; succeed together; show you care.

The Southfield Formula

The Southfield Formula is central to the school’s ethos and the way we work.  Specifically we believe relationships + knowing the student(s) + expertise + presence = success today.


People who like children

People who respect disability

People who give more than they take

People who persevere to find a connection

Knowing the student:

Listening to students

Reading the assessments & plans

Developing a ‘theory’ for each child

Reflecting on and reviewing that idea

Taking responsibility for each student’s uniqueness


Developing as a skilled professional

Knowing routes to information

Referring to colleagues/agencies

Researching solutions/best practice

Collaborating in a ‘team around the child’


Firing on all four cylinders

Engaging with students

Catching them ‘being good’

Offering support to colleagues

Turning up for work whenever you can

Success (today):

Students who feel safe

Students who are happy

Students who co-operate

Students who communicate

Students who engage in learning

Students who show care for others

Students who have pride in their school

Principal’s Welcome

Currently, we cater for approximately 265 students with a wide range of complex and individual needs.  Southfield comprises two elements: the main school, which houses Key Stage 3 and 4 student in the main campus building, and the Pathfinder Vocational Centre (PVC) on the other side of Haycliffe Lane, which provides outstanding specialist education and training aimed at providing pathways for life after school for our Post 16 students.  We are also proud to offer practical work placements to some students at our Project SEARCH site at Bradford Royal Infirmary.

At Southfield, we have on-site support from other professionals including Speech and Language Therapists, the School Nursing team, Physiotherapy teams as well as support from Social Care and other services.  Our school also enjoys close links with education, leisure, sporting and commercial organisations across the locality and we are keen to actively promote these partnerships for the benefit of the children in our care.

In the recent period, as well as developing Southfield School as a ‘hub’ for SEND services.  We are very fortunate to have many dedicated professional experts working in our school and we continue to be confident that our services are improving and developing.  Southfield School held its annual self-review in the Summer and early Autumn of 2017 and identified three key themes for its school improvement planning for 2018 and beyond:

  • Growth – To respond to the changing educational environment and policy so that standards are secured in the existing school, whilst new services and additional provision is made available for the community in Bradford in a sustainable way.
  • Stability – To review the services already provided so that there is stability in the offer made at Southfield to an increasingly complex population, both of students and of staff, so that quality does not suffer during a phase of growth.
  • World class – To raise our ambition so that we seek to provide a world class educational service, by developing new professional practice in response to changing needs and by disseminating this learning widely through collaboration and partnership.

The ambition of the Southfield Grange Trust is to work with partners to improve services in the here and now, and in Southfield we are delighted to be collaborating with Central PRU, Chellow Heights and Delius Special Schools, Swain House Primary and Titus Salt secondary as our strategic partners in the Shanidar Teaching School Alliance, which is working to promote Excellent, Inclusive Education in Bradford and West Yorkshire.

As a school we have been at  the forefront of making the case for additional specialist provision in Bradford and we are working with Delius Special School and the New Schools Network to develop a free school bid for an additional all age special school in south Bradford and with our partners in the DAP to provide an additional all age special school in North Bradford.  There is currently a consultation (Jan-Feb 2018) about a proposal to increase the numbers of places in the High Needs Block by Bradford Council.  Read the consultation leaflet at the bottom of this page.  We would welcome any member of the public to participate in the consultation.

We are an open and approachable school that welcomes all new students, their parents and carers and other visitors.  If you would like to visit us or if you want to discuss anything in greater detail, please contact us.

Dominic Wall