Vision and Values

Our Co-op Values:







We use our Ways of Being Co-op to bring these values to life:

Do what matters most

Be yourself, always

Show you care

Succeed together

The Southfield Formula

The Southfield Formula is central to the school’s ethos and the way we work.  Specifically we believe relationships + knowing the student(s) + expertise + presence = success today.


People who like children

People who respect disability

People who give more than they take

People who persevere to find a connection

Knowing the student:

Listening to students

Reading the assessments & plans

Developing a ‘theory’ for each child

Reflecting on and reviewing that idea

Taking responsibility for each student’s uniqueness


Developing as a skilled professional

Knowing routes to information

Referring to colleagues/agencies

Researching solutions/best practice

Collaborating in a ‘team around the child’


Firing on all four cylinders

Engaging with students

Catching them ‘being good’

Offering support to colleagues

Turning up for work whenever you can

Success (today):

Students who feel safe

Students who are happy

Students who co-operate

Students who communicate

Students who engage in learning

Students who show care for others

Students who have pride in their school