We're closing to most students
The Government is asking parents to keep children at home whenever possible – schools remain open only for children who need to attend.

A message from our Executive Principal – July 2020

Dear parents and carers,

Today we closed our doors on the most difficult and unexpected school year that anyone has experienced in peacetime. I know that for many families this has also been the most stressful and difficult time you have ever experienced.

I hope that our school staff have been able to keep in regular communication with you and your children during the lockdown period, and been available to help you with things that were not working, to support you at home. Our Co-op trust has been supplying many of our families with weekly gift cards to help with the food bills and will continue to do so through to September. Some children have been able to come to school, but only a small minority, because of the significant concerns that parents and school staff have shared about the gaps in scientific understanding of what the risk of Covid 19 is to our children, and the needs of families who have had to ‘shield’ their elders at home with them.

The impact of the Coronavirus on our communities in Bradford has been significant, and is still a threat, particularly to vulnerable people and those of African and South Asian heritage; for this reason we have been cautious about slowly opening up the school to increased numbers since May, and you have told us that you are also being cautious. Over the summer break we will all need to keep following the guidance and hope that the level of virus in circulation falls steadily in Bradford.

When we return in September it will be to an expectation that all staff and students will be coming back to school, with continuing precautions and risk assessments to ensure the safest possible arrangements. At this moment we are still awaiting some of the key guidance, for example on how home-to-school transport should operate for special schools, and so I cannot yet share the plans for the new school year with you. Later in the summer holidays, when I have seen all of the necessary guidance, I will be submitting a risk assessment to our governors and trust, which I will explain in a letter to parents the week before we start back at school. Over the summer my colleagues in the Southfield Care Team will be contacting many families to commence individual risk assessments, where there is a need to do so.

In the meantime I wish you a safe and peaceful summer and join you in hoping for a return to some level of ‘normality’ when we come back on Monday September 7th for the new school year.

Yours sincerely,

Dominic Wall

Executive Principal & SEND Lead for Co-op Academies Trust